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Welcome to Where Nature is The Classroom

About Nature Nurtures

Nature Nurtures is a full time, nature and farm based private school for primary students, JK-Grade 3.

At our school children can enjoy outdoor student centered learning through inquiry and play-based opportunities that maximize their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and creative/artistic success. 

We provide children with a holistic learning approach that supports their developmental needs and allows them to form a deep connection to themselves, others, and to the land while motivating life-long learners.


Our Founder

Only the Best

Meet Ms. Ashley, the founder of Nature Nurtures. She is a loving wife and mother with a dream in her heart and a passion for teaching and child advocacy. She believes children of all ages need more exposure to nature in their daily lives as she understands it to be a critical and foundational aspect in child development. 


After having my daughter I found myself always critically questioning what education should look like, what I wanted for my daughter and what I wanted to represent as an educator. I've had this vision of a nature based school since my second year of teacher college that just grew stronger the older my daughter grew. 


One day we were out visiting an old friend, Dawn, the owner of Serenity Rising. She mentioned she had a space available that I could use as a school house if I was still interested in taking that leap! Cover me in goosebumps, I couldn’t imagine a better location… and not just because of the variety of farm animals and 76 acres of land! It’s because there’s a deeply rooted connection to this meaningful place. Serenity Rising used to be Dawn’s grandparents' berry and Christmas tree farm. When we grew up we would spend hours out on the trials, in the fields and forests. We would make up and play games, build forts, climb trees and curiously explore the world around us. In an ever changing world, it is important to me that my daughter and other children experience the same kind of childhood freedom. To have the opportunity to turn my dream into a reality, HERE, is a full circle moment. I cannot wait to watch this space sprout alongside its students!

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